With a career focused almost entirely on delivering "a tomorrow" I can say that I have gained Botha broad range of awareness across many industries (plastics, extrusion and building products) and been lucky enough to have gained an extensive network of former colleagues, friends and associates. The people element of work brings an education beyond any training and working with friends can never truly be classed as work.

Barry John

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My Story

Working life started in the International division of a major UK bank and has seen my time extend across the world touching across many cultures, countries, regions, industries, religions, races, economic levels and political divides.


DPDSi was started a vehicle through which that experience could be opened up to a wider audience initially through some extensive work in pic sheet extrusion then WPC (Composite) technology delivery. 

The scope of works undertaken is amazingly broad and covers everything from technology development and implementation, through M & A, business development, fire fighting and project leadership/guidance.

Currently I am the International Ambassador for NADRA (North American Deck & Railing Association) where my function is to support US companies who wish to look internationally and also Non-US companies who wish to enter the North American market. Recently I have taken up the role of Non-Exec Director with Mextru Ltd a specialist aluminium products developer to assist then in expanding their international footprint and focused product range into a couple of fresh markets. As a partner in the "Deck safety academy" out of Philadelphia, USA we look to build on growing awareness of deck safety through managed training format and linked inspection software that ensures accurate inspection every time. OPN is a direct managements services company out of Philly which supports business new and existing in growing their distribution network.

The joy of DPDSi is the revolving door which never ceases to bring in fresh and challenging projects and interesting people with whom I can work and lend my experience to.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities, projects and people. 

Teel: +44-7710-036774