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What can we do for you?

We are pro-active lateral thinkers who aim to give answers to questions, solutions to problems, and deliver not just what you ask for but more if we can. 

"Building bridges between people and businesses"

DPDSI are open to all opportunities where our knowledge and contacts may be able to bring added value

STRATEGY: Often the choice is to turn left or right whereas going backwards and forwards can also have a big impact. But what about up and down? the strategic directions available in business are infinite so taking a three dimensional view from the outside we aim to look for and explore any alternatives to support your decisions making.

INNOVATION: We are not engineers, or accountants but both skills are required for innovation to be delivered. Our skill is in drilling down to the key elements driving the need for and competitive delivery to market. It may be new, it may be fresh but will it sell, to whom, why and with what benefit to both?

NON-EXEC SUPPORT: For those really difficult to make decisions where the final path is not so clear and forces are pulling strongly in opposing directions. We work to separate the emotion out of the process and look to isolate the cold facts before gently replacing the soft side.

PURCHASING: The old saying of you can lose one customer and get another is true but far more profound is its can lose one supplier but you may lose 1000 customers. A good customer is valued by a good supplier and that relationship is vital to support any business. We look for, work to create, nurture and enhance those precious relationships.

SALES: One to two is a 100% increase but zero to one is the hardest sale of all. We thrive on the challenge of doing what has never been done and then handing it over to others to grow.
"Our success is achieved only when we leave."


PLANNING:This  comes in many forms and at many stages in a companies growth and development. Our history of successful support and direct action on the international stage brings with it knowledge that can help guide growth across all sorts of borders

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