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"The Bucket list".....World Bank

We all have a bucket list of some sort and the contents of that bucket will vary massively depending upon your life, ambitions and experiences. I started my working life in the International Division of NatWest Bank in Birmingham with great ambition to be a proper "banker" (some say i got so close it was just a spelling error away). Sadly it did not workout for me as i was too wild a card for such a rigid environment but that desire to be successful never left me.

30 plus years on and i find myself sitting in the Presidents chair at the World Bank in Washington. Yes the wild child from a council estate in Birmingham, England got to fill one of the biggest seats there is, albeit briefly. I always wanted to understand the finance/money world and the skills involved but I struggled when young but gained much of the knowledge from my working activities. The message is clear...the route to your ambitions is not a straight one, it has many fluctuations, variations, disappointments and highs and lows. You need to ride them all but keep the vision of your ambitions. You just never know if you can get their by another route!

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